Euro Villas Ltd - I booked a trip to Paris with 5 other people, and was told it was cancelled. Then I was told the company was going bankrupt . None of us received our money back, and no response. Help what can I do

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Eurovillas LTD - Corneil Maas .6 couples booked a trip to Paris.

We were told it was cancelled , then re booked. Then no response. The company went bankrupt. No response from the company.

After researching this man and his co workers this is not the first time. They seem to do this and then re surface.f We need to stop them. How do they get away with it. I strongly believe in Karma.

What comes around goes around. In the mean time I would like my hard earned money back. How do we file a complaint against this company . Is there any possibility of us getting our money back ??

How can this person walk away with no consequences ???

We were scammed out of thousands of dollars.

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Euro Villas Ltd - Scammed Paris Trip

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I booked a long weekend trip to Paris, France with Euro Villas LTD of Naples, Florida for the weekend of September 27, 2013 which was promoted as A long weekend in Europe Fam.I was travelling as a guest with a travel agent (Mary Wardlow) from Mondawmin Travel in Baltimore, MD.

My payment was made directly to Euro Villa LTD. We never received promised trip nor a refund of any monies paid.

I found out from the agent whom I was to travel with that no Flight reservations had ever been made for the trip less than a week prior to going.I have been unable to get in contact with the company or its representatives.

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Euro Villas Ltd - Never repaid undelivered service, retain money does not pay back

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This company has no respect to consumers.They do not deliver their package, promise to return money and never maid.

They should be closed, not a good company to be with, or do any kind of business with them. They cancel their vacation package after we had made our vacation plans, without any reason and does not pay back. They really cause much pain for me and my son's vacation plans.

They promise to return our money after had arraigned our vacation but never did.I do not know how such company is still doing business in Florida and making fraudulent propaganda and offering service they can not deliver.

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Euro Villas Ltd - Scammed out of Thousands of dollars

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Recent activity dated March 2013, is detailed in BBB Naples Fl companint as well as Attorney General of Florida and Travel agents magazine dated 7/2013 and posted on internet.Cornel Scor is a scam artist who has been stealing money from travel agencies around the US since at least 2005. He has operated this scheme under the company name of R.T. Tours, Euro Villas Ltd., and Euro Villas LLC at one point or another. Every piece of information on this website was found through public records.He markets fraudulent FAM trips for agencies, and when you are notified that they are cancelled, he promises that your money will be refunded. He has no intention of refunding your money.Euro Villas Ltd now dba Euro Villas LLC is registered at 777 107th Avenue North, Naples, Florida. Their phone number is 239.596.7314 and their email address to the Collier County public records department, Cornel Scor, aka Cornell Michael Scor, has had 7 civil cases brought against him. He was brought to court for a felony in 2003 for the "Illegal use of credit cards more than 2 times in 6 months or" and "Grand Theft -$5,000- < $10,000" All but one case has been disposed as of this date.In 2004, Travel Weekly published an article that names Cornel Scor and describes how the then named RT Tours was being accused of a similar scheme.

This man is a crook and has happily gotten away with stealing money for years. Buyer beware.

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